Our modern integrated sawmill is an original blend of ancient skills and advanced technology, merged together to ensure the optimal exploitation of our wood resources.
At every stage of the transformation from the log into sawn lumber, our evaluation comes into play, even if today the work is rendered infinitely more efficient by the computerized measuring and control systems, and the machine that allows the handling of logs with great weight to handle with ease.
The choice of the type of processing for a trunk depends on many factors, among which those that play a role of primary importance of the wood species and knowing diverse fibers, the size and the quality of the wood.

We are producers, manufactures, commercialization and transporting Sawn olive wood both fresh and dried worldwide in both options (veined and white) in the following Thickness:

Fresh olive wood Boards: from 12 to 140 mm
Air Dried olive wood boards: from 16 to 40 mm
Kiln Dried olive wood boards: from 16 to 40 mm
Items such as Sawn Turning blocks or parquetry blocks are produced in various sizes according to your requirements.

We also provide squared edge and planned lumber services.

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